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//to the 51 antifascists from Thessaloniki


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The purpose of the crowdfunding is the financial support of the struggle for the recontruction of Libertatia Squat and the support of the 51 arrested comrades on 16/9/2020 in Thessaloniki during an antifa patrol.

** the amount of 100€ is symbolic in order to get started the crowdfunding


On Sunday 23/08 at 10:30 in the morning, several squads of cops raided the Libertatia squat in Thessaloniki. More precisely, during the reparation of the building’s roof that had been burned down by fascists, the cops broke the door’s padlock and raided the squat where they arrested 12 people that were inside. After that, for one more time, they stole several building tools and other necessary material for the reconstruction of the roof, as they had done one month before, when they raided the squat together with Ephorate of Modern Monuments-assistants and had taken a part of the squat’s equipment for the rebuild project. Right after the raid, comrades that were rallying outside the building, came in and re-occupied it. Other than the 12 arrested people, the cops held two more comrades that were standing outside the building and released them a couple of hours later. The arrested comrades spent the whole day both in Toumba’s Police Department and the General P.D. Of Thessaloniki where they have been released late at night, The accusations that have been charged to the comrades are : illegal working, damaging a monument of cultural significance and disobedience. It is also worth mentioning the disgusting tentative of the police and some media to connect the accidental arrest of a woman for drugs possession with the 12 arrested comrades.

This raid is the third in order in less than a year and aims to stop the rebuild project for Libertatia squat. All these attacks shows that the state continues targeting the structures of the movement, as also the timeless cooperation between the State and paramilitary-fascist groups against the libertarian movement. At the same time that the state’s mechanism supports those who burned Libertatia, it releases its stooges in order to arrest the comrades that chose from the very beginning to defend politically the squat and reconstruct the burnt building. As for the accusations for “damaging an historical monument”, against the people who undertook its conservation and its reparation (before and after the arson), they can only consist of a surrealistic and unsuccessful attempt of reversing reality about who’s the real destroyer.  Additionally, the role of the  Ephorate of Modern Monuments as a legal representative of the above accusations, with it’s sudden intrest can only be characterized as ridiculous. It is more than obvious who’s really interested in saving this building. For those who are still wondering, let us ask rhetorically where was the Ephorate when the so called “Stratou street jewel” completely abandoned and ruining over the years. Where were they when the fascist groups burned down the whole building. To conclude it is quite obvious what are the interests that the Ephorate serves, who are they covering and protecting and to who they are against. In the case of Libertatia things are quite simple and clear. All these facts -that Libertatia’s neighborhood was witnessing the last two and a half years- is now clear to every corner of Greece. Once again the neighbors showed to us their solidarity  in several ways, booing the police forces during the raid, informing us of the police presence and supporting us morally.

This particular attack against Libertatia squat cannot be disconnected from the previous repressive actions and evictions of squats, with the most fresh example being the eviction of Terra Incognita squat.

During a tense social condition, where the lives of people are more and more devaluated and impoverished and the management of the Covid-19 pandemic puts in danger thousands of people, the State decides to strike and intensify the repression in order to weaken the revolutionary movement. Fearing the social upheaval and the generalized indignation of people, the State tries to destroy every resistance, targeting once again the anarchist movement and its structures as places of resistance against the State and Capialism. It is in this condition that the revolutionary movement shall respond actively, defending its structures, its political presence and its history of social struggle. The rebuild project of Libertatia is an objective for all the squat movement. The victory in this struggle will be our answer against State and fascist attacks to our structures.

The reconstruction of Libertatia squat is not only an affair concerning itself. On the contrary it concerns the whole antifascist, anarchist and revolutionary movement. It is about the all-encompassing defense of the squats, as the whole rebuild project sends a very powerful message against State’s repression and fascist violence and establishes a strong symbolism during a generalized repressive condition. Our political presence in the squat has been already assured a couple of weeks after the arson attack. Libertatia squat will survive and will continue to exist as already does, by organizing plenty of demonstrations, political discussions, movie projections etc. The whole point is the completion of the rebuild project by revolutionary means, in order to highlight both the political responsibility of State’s repression and the political defense of the revolutionary occupied spaces.  The State will exploit every retreating-step we are making. That is why, we have to stand up, resist, defend our structures and our struggles, organize ourselves better and broaden the ongoing class war.Libertatia  26/08/20

Libertatia  26/08/20

10.3. Pan-Balcanic Solidarity Demonstration

On 10/3 a big pan-balcanic solidarity demonstration happened in Thessaloniki. About 5000 people from all the Balcans participated to stand up against fascism and express their solidarity with the squat and people of Libertatia.

“International solidarity with squats / Fight against state, capital and fascism / Fire does not burn us, Libertatia will stay” – Libertatia, collective for libertarian comunism, solidarity assembly

Against state, capital, nationalism, fascism and war / solidarity with Libertatia / anarchy will not bend!” – Anarchis Political Oragnisation (A.P.O.) Federation of Groups

Internationalist solidarity to swap away the fascist thread in Balkans

Solidarity to squats – Libertatia will stay!

Demo 10/3 – Pregathering 11.00 Libertatia – Demo 12.00 Kamara (Thessaloniki)

For the importance of the antidemos against the rallies for the “Macedonian” issue

Starting from the so-called “Macedonian” issue, we think it is not necessary to mention again what happened in the two rallies of Thessaloniki and Athens, which political forces have derived political surplus value from the people who where there, how fascism was washed away in the dust of oblivion. These are things that the anti-fascist movement (and our collectiv respectively) have thoroughly analyzed lately.

What we want to point out is the importance of publicly announced anti-concentration against nationalist rallies, as they have shown that even in the worst days of nationalist frenzy, the people of the struggle will be on the streets. Considering the volume of the Macedonian rallie, but without fear, comrades standed in Kamara – Thessaloniki (21/1) and Propylaea – Athens (4/2) against the delirium of those days. Recognizing the historical significance of such events, part of the movement decided not to let bigotry, racism and fascism to act undisturbed in the public space and the central political scene and stood opposite them proposing internationalism and class solidarity. It has decided to express the people that stand against nationalism, war and hatred to everything different. Without wishing to put the matter of protecting the squats at a second place of importance, we consider that these actions act in a passive level of addressing the sociaty, which, of course, we recognize that it did not happen as it should in the case of Thessaloniki. These gatherings have to remain as political and historical memoirs for the movement, and additional effort is needed so as to quantify and qualify these moves in the coming years to face the fascist threat on the streets, to answer publicly to nationalist rhetoric and to fight massively against chants of hatred that have risen in the wider region.

The proposal of international solidarity

Therefore, one of the two main challenges at the moment is international solidarity. Against the increasing nationalism in the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean, the embankments of internationalism and solidarity among the oppressed must be built. As we have emphasized in our analysis of the Macedonian issue: “Internationalism, then, is the only feasible, unifying and peaceful solution. This is because it does not seek the extermination of populations and entire folks. On the contrary, it proposes the solidarity among the proletarians and oppressed against those who exploit us and destroy our lives. And let’s not fool ourselves. Content may change, but the form of exploitation is the same on both sides of the border, as in every state. Ιmpoverishment, degradation of our lives, removal of our rights are only some of the aspects of the attack that has been unleashed against us by the state and the capital. And the only real resistance is class-antistate-internationalisτ. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on March 10th.

Side by side with comrades from other Balkan – and not only – countries, we will show that there are people who resist the absurdity of war, hatred and nationalism, people who see real enemies from all sides of the border, that are no other than the state and the capital, along with their reserves, the fascists and the parαstate gangs.

How do we see antifascism

We believe that massive and feisty answers have to be given against the fascist threat. The struggle against fascism is not a confrontation of two “extremes,” as it appears to be presented by the dominant narrative of the state and its ideological mechanisms to conceal the historical role of fascism as a reserve of the existing system. On the contrary, it is part of the struggle of the oppressed parts of society against their oppressors and the gangs they use to intimidate and suppress the people that resist. This battle can only be done in terms of social direction, in order to thicken the lines of the anti-fascist movement, as well as with combative attidute to crush all fascists on the streets. Against the logic of a sterile denunciation of fascist violence and the logic of confrontation with fascists in hooliganist terms, we suggest the further organization anti-fascists with class, combatitive, and anti-hierarchical characteristics. By providing solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the oppressed parts of society, we are building our own structures, which are fighting for a society of equality and freedom. Operating without dominative and exploitative relationships, we are preparing the anti-fascist movement to intensify our struggles in massive terms, building up embankments to fascism and nationalism, and eliminating them from the public domain (workplaces, schools, universities, neighborhoods, parks, stadiums).

The importance of occupations and their defense

The shock of the arson of an occupation, which is, a structure of struggle and resistance, is great. However, the emergence of solidarity at material, moral and political level and the power of the movement to rebuild what has been shattered by the destructive forces of fascism in one day,with all its forces assembled at one point, overcomes every obstacle, highlighting the second stake that exist at the moment. That is, that of showing solidarity to squats and defending the structures of the struggle at a central political level. At the moment where the attacks on occupations and free social spaces of fascist gangs have intensified, the movement must respond by defending them. . Following the events that took place in the days of the two rallies for the Macedonian issue, the latest attacks on the occupation of Lelas Karagiannis (Athens), the followers of the self-organized group of Progressive Toumpa (Thessaloniki), the Free Social Space of Favela (Piraeus) and the squat of Panetolio 21 in Koukaki (Athens) show the attempt to intimidate the people of the struggle from the parastate, which always acts in addition to state repression. Our structures, however, do not simply cover housing needs of people, but they are also spaces of resistance to the existing, fields of creating relations of equality, solidarity and respect among the oppressed people and the vision of a better world. That is why we will defend them by all means, highlighting their importance and role. By putting the issue of defending occupied spaces and Libertatia squat as a center issue out in the streets, we propagate and highlight the squatting projects, their role in the wider movement and society, and make it clear to the state, the capital and the fascists that we will defend our structures, making the occupation a social term.

For the demo 10/3

We call the people of the movement to support the pan-Balkan internationalist demo of solidarity in Libertatia, with the proposals of international solidarity and the defense of squats and the structurs of the struggle. In continuation of the reflective demo for the arson of our occupation on 22/3 and the actions of solidarity all over Greece and other countries, we call comrades from Greece and the Balkans on 10/3 in Thessaloniki to give a mass answer to nationalist frenzy and fascist attacks. No fascist attack is left unanswered. Libertatia will stay!

To defend the structures of the struggle

To rebuild with our own hands what was destroyed

From Sofia until Kamara and Propylaia the internationalist solidarity will swap away the fascist threat in the Balkans

Fight against Fascism, State and Capital

For the Social Revolution, Anarchy and Liberterian Communism

Libertatia, Political collective for libertarian communism

We are all Libertatia | Neighborhood Demo 27/2

A few weeks ago we all witnessed an incident that shuddered the neighborhood of Faliro in Thessaloniki. The arson of Libertatia squat, the neoclassical building in L.Stratou & Sarantaporou, the roof of some people but also of libertarian ideas, one of the few old buildings preserved in this city. This happened on the day of the Macedonia demo, where the people closed the streets to come out to defend the “greekness” of Macedonia. Once again in society, pseudo-dilemmas are spreading that disorientate it from reality, offering fertile ground to its creeping fascism.

All of that happened in Thessaloniki. At the whilom multicultural “capital” of the Balkan peninsula, the city of refugees, persecution and extermination of the Jewish and other ethnic populations, the city of the murdered workers in 1936 and the murder of Lambrakis in 1963. Among the crimes of fascism and nationalism that have happened in this city, one more came to add, the arson of a historical building, which was standing for over a century. Unfortunately, whoever forgets history must be ready to live it again. (quote from the political statement of Libertatia squat 29.01)

Few words for Libertatia squat

„Libertatia stands for libertarian, inspired by the semi-mythical liberal community of pirates around 1600. As then, the waves of our lives have led us to a self-managed raft towards freedom.” (From the first brochure of occupation “The need for housing and the solution to occupation as a means of revolutionary action”).

In 2008, the mansion was occupied at the corner of the Army and Sarantaporos street, giving it life after many years of desolation. We tried to make it sustainable and we did it, which, due to its age and its architecture, was achieved with great effort, with our own money and help from comrades.

Of course we did not expect any rewards, our satisfaction was moral and political. The assembly of occupation laid the foundations based on equality and anti-hierarchy. This created a place open to all those who are struggling to overthrow a social system based on exploitation. In the summer of ’09 there was a call in the neighborhood for a meeting. This call took place because the neighborhood for us is and remains vital space for intervention, so every event was firstly addressed to it (with texts, posters, interventions). Our good relationship with it is still evident today, when during the attack the people came out to the balconies shouting to the fascists, who of course replied with sworing and bengalen. Anyway, the people of the neighborhood know well who and why they burned the occupation, they are next to us and support us, and this attitude gives us the power to remain in the building and to repair the damage.

Besides our ideas, Libertatia housed ourselves, housed the needs of people without the intermediation of rent, people who did not have the means to rent a home, such as immigrants and people of the lower social classes.

The squat, despite the difficulties it had to overcome due to the problems concerning the building, held a steady social profile without, of course, losing its political identity. Movie projections of the film group took place almost every week, and also the occupation bar. Concerts were also frequent. But one of the most important activities was the structure of self-education. Like every revolutionary movement that existed before and set its foundations on education, we also tried to study revolutionary theory and history. By opening it to society, we set the terms of our revolutionary function: “action requires knowledge and knowledge requires education”. All of this will of course continue to exist because Libertatia will stay. The rebuilding has begun and we are ready.

But the problem is not only the destruction of an occupation. The problem is fascism and the society that nourishes it. Fascism is not only golden dawn and the various far-right groups, nor all those “bad” things we know from history that it did, but is also the passivity and the apathy, is also the society that observes history but doesn’t change it, does not speak, and does not take position. It is clear to everyone that what happened could not be done without the cover-up of the rally. Let everybody therefore consider his attitude towards fascism.

As a closure, we would like to say that the decision to rebuild the building comes from our will to respond to the disastrous tendency of fascism. For us, occupations are not their walls, but the people – they are the relationships that are built within them. It is structures of struggles that take us out to the road. The occupations are us. And we will prove that the anti-fascist movement has the will, the forces and the determination to rebuild what has been destroyed. Libertatia will stay and the building will be rebuilt on our own means, with our own people. This will be the best answer to the state and its fascist gangs. It is a great challenge for the people of the struggle all this process and its ultimate success will show that we can live and create without state, capital and power. It is a battle that has to be won and will be won.

Libertatia, political assembly for libertarian communism

Antifascist Demonstration in Saloniki 10.3.

Internationalism & solidarity

The only solution against state and parastate, against fascists and bosses

10.3 Pan-Balcanic internationalist solidarity demo
Gathering 12.00 Kamara / pregathering 11.00 Libertatia Squat

No fascist attack will stay unanswered

Libertatia will stay

«Whoever stays home when the battle begins

and lets others fight for his cause

ought to watch out:

because whoever has not shared in the fight

will share in defeat.

He who wants to avoid fighting

will not once avoid the fight:

because he will fight for the cause of the enemy

who hasn’t fought for his own.» (B. Brecht)

Libertatia, Political collective for libertarian communism

Statement About The Last Incidents

The chronicle of the attack
Sunday 21.1, around 13:30 and right before the nationalistic demonstration about the “Macedonian” issue, fascist groups which were participating at this demo started a series of attacks to occupied spaces. Right after they attacked Free Social Space “Sholeio” (School) and they were repelled, they approached our squat and damaged our facade and fence. Those attacks originated from the organized demonstration of “Kiklos Ideapolis” and other small fascist groups (AME, Ieros Lohos, C18). The damages were restored directly from members of our collective who, right after, chose to support the antinationalistic demonstration in Kamara. Two hours later, the same groups along with fascist hooligans of PAOK and Serbian neo-Nazis tried to attack the demo at Kamara and were repelled. After that, they marched and attacked again our space with molotov cocktails and flares, causing it’s arson. At that time, there were no people inside, because they were participating in the antinazi demo. Also, during their attack, undercover cops were outside the squat and a riot police bus was parked near the incident. Of course, they didn’t do anything to stop the attack. At the same time, the neighbors were shouting from their balconies to the fascists, who answered with insults and by firing flares to them. When the nazi groups tried to approach again “Sholeio”, police kept the same stance. They covered their attack and blocked the comrades inside their squat.
About the incidents of 21.1
There are no excuses about what happened that day. Everybody in the city knows that the attacking groups were moving to the direction of the White Tower (the gathering place of the nationalistic demonstration), and later they were leaving from that place. This demo worked as a place to launder greek fascism. New political careers started to take place that day. At the same time “dirty” politicians were amongst the gathered people. The murderers of Golden Dawn were wandering around the demo, along with the new “storm troopers” committing murderous attacks hand by hand with the police. The rest of the (far)right wing could not miss this gathering (New Democracy and Independent Greeks parliamentary parties). Sold-out nationalistic “left” (LAE: Popular Unity and Plefsi Elefterias: Course to Freedom) and our Christian «loving» church were also there. All of them composed the far-right entity that this country needed so much and whose plans were blocked after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. The creeping fascism of greek society found social legalization and only the antifascist movement can reverse this situation.
All of that happened in Thessaloniki. At the whilom multicultural “capital” of the Balkan peninsula, the city of refugees, persecution and extermination of the Jewish and other ethnic populations, the city of the murdered workers in 1936 and the murder of Lambrakis in 1963. Among the crimes of fascism and nationalism that have happened in this city, one more came to add, the arson of a historical building, which was standing for over a century. Unfortunately, whoever forgets history must be ready to live it again. Let everyone consider their stance against fascism. Passivity and indifference, along with de-politicization that dominates society feed fascism every day, while the nationalistic frenzy worked as a fuse for the explosion of that day. Everyone should consider whom fascists gained power from, whose interests they acted for, with whose backs they did what they did. We will always be, along with our comrades, on the streets to give the daily fight against fascism, constructing bulwarks to its expansion until its total elimination.
About the ultras
Among the ranks of the fascists who attacked the antinazi demo at Kamara, and those who made the second attack at our squat, there were also ultras of PAOK. This is a fact and is clear from the insignia they had on them and also from their chants that were applied with spray cans on the facade of our squat. At that point we must make something clear. The mayor of the city tried crudely to present the attack on our space as a conflict between PAOK ultras. The official announcement of the team’s ultras stepped on that and tried to hide the nazis in their groups by not making a clear statement of which groups signed it. Already, several of them denounced it. We call the antifascist ultras of PAOK to take a position, along all the other ultras of other teams, to isolate the nazis from the benches and from everywhere. Because, antifascism for us is not just a banner or “lifestyle”, but political decision and historical responsibility.
For the antinazi demo at Kamara
«.Whoever stays home when the battle begins
and lets others fight for his cause
ought to watch out:
because whoever has not shared in the fight
will share in defeat.
He who wants to avoid fighting
will not once avoid the fight:
because he will fight for the cause of the enemy
who hasn’t fought for his own.» (B. Brecht)
At this volatile situation our collective chose to demonstrate on the streets against fascism and take the responsibility of this political decision. The price we paid is heavy and weighs, first of all, our backs. The building that used to host our ideas, our concerns, our dreams for an equal and free society, without authority and exploitation is totally burnt. A building that we renovated on our own expenses and released from the previous state of abandonment and devastation. Our ideas and our struggles, though, are not just buildings to raze them down. We will not quit fighting at this critical point, but we shall stay put with our collective consciousness and tenacity hardened like steel. The “case of Libertatia” is not only ours to solve. The antifascist movement has to give the proper answers to the enemies of freedom.
We stand up for our political decision to participate in the antinationalistic demonstration in Kamara on the same day that the nationalists would march in our city. We structure our political beliefs and actions in the way of everyday struggle against fascism on the streets from the organized antifa movement, against the logic of “hooliganistic” actions. The decision of the anarchist movement to act, take a political and physical stand against fascism was clear the days that passed. One massive standing demo with sound system and spreading flyers and one big motorized demonstration downtown were actions which took place the week before the anti-demo which came at last on the 21st of January. All these show which collectives of the movement took historical decisions and kept their part of responsibility. Unfortunately, radical left was missing from this date with history. They chose not to support the antinationalistic demonstration, while they were trying not to damage their social profile against the massive nationalistic parade. On our part, the hardest decision was that we chose not to weaken the antinazi demo, which had been called by specific political collectives of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement, when our squat was being attacked. A hard decision considering the result of it, but in a matter of political terms, the right one to take and the most responsible towards the rest of the collectives and comrades who were standing with us at Kamara. For those who wonder why the comrades who restored the damage on our squat after the first attack didn’t stay there, or why there was no guarding shift for the building, we would suggest they consider the value of human lives as well and what the loss of those would have meant. It’s also good to point out that the existence of this feisty antidemo created a safe zone downtown, preventing possible attacks on the squats of the neighborhood and pogroms against refugees, lgbtqi+ people and alternative “lifestyle” individuals. The incident of the arson of Libertatia squat could have happened elsewhere if nothing was there to prevent it.
Now is not the time to open a post-mortem discussion with insulting critiques against our collective and cannibalistic attitude inside the antifascist movement. Now is the time for convolution and massive answers opposing fascism which tries to gain power and get social legalization. At those hard times the decisions we take have historic value and the antifascist movement must stay put on the streets against the fascist masses.
About the demonstration of 22.1 and the 5 arrests of our comrades
The day after the attack we called for a solidarity demonstration right outside our squat. The call gathered around 2.500 people of the anarchist and radical left movement. Our goal was to march in the neighborhoods of the east part of the city and end at the Free Social Space “Sholeio”. The cops didn’t let the demo move into big streets and, by blockading them, led us into narrow ones. There, for a non-important incident, they attacked our block with teargas, flash bang grenades, physical violence etc. The aftermath was 5 arrests, one member of our collective amongst them.
The decision of police to repress the demonstration and, later on, to keep our 5 comrades under custody, shows the political stance of the state against us. One day, they stay side by side with the fascists who burn squats, and the next they attack massive demos and arrest comrades, accusing them of arson on a tire of a riot police van, while, only some hours earlier they had seen a whole building getting burned. The fact that the accusation transformed from misdemeanor to felony by the district attorney shows the political decision of the state to repress the antifascist movement. And this happens because arson transforms to felony when there is a human life in danger. We think that everyone understands where danger existed and where not.
What shall follow
The point at this moment is how we will continue to exist as a collective. Our will is to keep the space occupied, if possible, to rebuild the house, to make the squat functional again. We make a clear statement to any blockbusters, state workers and officers, fascists and any kind of hustlers: LIBERTATIA SQUAT SHALL STAY ALIVE! We shall not abandon the building, we will continue our non-retreatable antifascist struggle. At this point we should thank every one of you that showed us what solidarity means. Thank you comrades from every corner of Greece and abroad! Your political stance gives us the strength to continue our struggle. It is during such hard times, that comradeship becomes real and solidarity is not just an obligation, but revolutionary duty. We want the people that are already motivated to show their solidarity to stay put about the issue. Soon we will inform in details on our next steps and plans.
At this moment, the reaction of the antifascist movement, which must answer to the circumstance united and empowered in public on the streets, is equally important. We must leave no public space free for the fascists and nationalists, we must fight back with internationalism, class and antifascist solidarity. The movement must rally against the common enemy, which are the state and the capital, and their storm troopers, the fascists. 
Libertatia, Political collective for libertarian communism


On January 21, 2018, a series of fascist attacks on emancipatory structures of the left-wing radical movement took place in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. Tens of thousands of fascists, nationalists, patriots and clericals had gathered to give new impetus to the long dispute over the name of Macedonia and the legacy of Alexander the Great. Nationalists in Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) claim the name Macedonia in equal measure. Both states provoke themselves again and again for years, i.e. by naming historical places or airports after Alexander the Great. Since 2014, there have been no negotiations between the two countries.

Nevertheless, an agreement emerged lately.
At least on the Greek side, however, the nationalist movement wanted to stifle such an agreement, and therefore mobilized since weeks to the first nationalistic mass demonstration since 1992 in Thessaloniki, the capital of the northern Greek region of Macedonia.

On January 21, a mix of right-wing parties and organizations, members of the fascist party Chrysi Avgi, nationalist hooligans, conservatives, Orthodox and patriots marched in Thessaloniki, making clear what they think: “Macedonia is Greek!”. It must have been nearly 100,000 people.

Out of this nationalist demonstration, attacks on people and structures which were fighting against the nationalist consensus of the fascists, patriots and clerics in the past, have been repeatedly committed. First it hit the occupied school Sxolio, an autonomous social and cultural project of the anti-authoritarian movement (AK) in the district of Faliro. The attack of the fascists could finally be fended off.

However, the attackers moved on to the house of the libertarian communist group Libertatia, which is only about 300 meters away from Sxolio. A first attack on the occupied house could also be fought off. But two hours later, around 3:00pm, 60 to 70 fascists returned to the house and set fire to it.

The approximately 100-year-old building, which was occupied since 2007, completely burned down with its large library and all belongings of the occupants. In response to this coward attack, an anti-fascist demonstration was announced for the evening of January 22nd. In the course of this demonstration it came to some smaller riots and aggressions against the police, which had the day before not only let happen but also partly actively supported both, the attack on Sxolio as well as the attack on Libertatia.

While not one of the fascist arsonists was arrested, on January 22nd the police arrested five participants of the antifascist demonstration, including one member of the collective of Libertatia. But not enough, the prosecution now accuses the five antifascists of arson of category two – an offense punishable by a sentence of five to ten years imprisonment.
Despite of this massive repression by the state and the militant attacks of fascists, the comrades in Thessaloniki keep on fighting: They call for the intensification of resistance to fascism and capitalism – in Greece as well as throughout Europe. Furthermore, the comrades want to rebuild Libertatia.

We urge you to financially support this project: Support the reconstruction of Libertatia! Support the imprisoned comrades! Support the anti-fascist resistance in Europe!

Freedom for the Thessaloniki Five! Death to fascism! Long live Libertatia!

Friends of Libertatia in Vienna, January 2018