Support Rebuild Libertatia

[…]In order to continue the rebuild project, we are in need of additional funding other than the one we candispose ourselves, especially during this lockdown, since it’s impossible for us to organize any fundraising action as we used to do (concerts, financial support bars etc). Funding the rebuild-project is twofold: the cost of the reconstruction itself, as also a part of the costs that have come up for the legal defence of comrades being accused of the Libertatia struggle.

We kindly request your support in the completion of this project. Rebuilding Libertatia is a great challenge, not only for us, but for all the people in struggle against any form of fascism and capitalism. We believe that this process in itself and its ultimate success will be one more piece of proof that we can live and create without the interference of State, Capital and Authority. It is a battle that has to be won and will be won.

For financial support you can visit the following link: