This are the current options how to donate online (more to follow) else check also out the Solidarity Actions where you can contribute in person! If you plan to do your own support action or campaign feel free to contact us.

bitcoin address: 1dydQETU6CcVySTKwmHCWSu2jXAMvwgJf

you can use MrCoin to make bank transfers to our bitcoin wallet (copy the bitcoin address from above and enter in the form and follow the instructions on the website):

litecoin address: LhEFaLS7FPBGzX9Q89LyCddntm1nVQ6f2g

monero address: 46VfA2QNLTJ6F9myTKhJTjKB3JHVd1KumZfVnqhuDgfVBiDe4ikdmyN3S2YU5bY19WEijVrzt2mV8hFqCSpfoAmmPbgqrbN