Internationalist solidarity to swap away the fascist thread in Balkans

Solidarity to squats – Libertatia will stay!

Demo 10/3 – Pregathering 11.00 Libertatia – Demo 12.00 Kamara (Thessaloniki)

For the importance of the antidemos against the rallies for the “Macedonian” issue

Starting from the so-called “Macedonian” issue, we think it is not necessary to mention again what happened in the two rallies of Thessaloniki and Athens, which political forces have derived political surplus value from the people who where there, how fascism was washed away in the dust of oblivion. These are things that the anti-fascist movement (and our collectiv respectively) have thoroughly analyzed lately.

What we want to point out is the importance of publicly announced anti-concentration against nationalist rallies, as they have shown that even in the worst days of nationalist frenzy, the people of the struggle will be on the streets. Considering the volume of the Macedonian rallie, but without fear, comrades standed in Kamara – Thessaloniki (21/1) and Propylaea – Athens (4/2) against the delirium of those days. Recognizing the historical significance of such events, part of the movement decided not to let bigotry, racism and fascism to act undisturbed in the public space and the central political scene and stood opposite them proposing internationalism and class solidarity. It has decided to express the people that stand against nationalism, war and hatred to everything different. Without wishing to put the matter of protecting the squats at a second place of importance, we consider that these actions act in a passive level of addressing the sociaty, which, of course, we recognize that it did not happen as it should in the case of Thessaloniki. These gatherings have to remain as political and historical memoirs for the movement, and additional effort is needed so as to quantify and qualify these moves in the coming years to face the fascist threat on the streets, to answer publicly to nationalist rhetoric and to fight massively against chants of hatred that have risen in the wider region.

The proposal of international solidarity

Therefore, one of the two main challenges at the moment is international solidarity. Against the increasing nationalism in the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean, the embankments of internationalism and solidarity among the oppressed must be built. As we have emphasized in our analysis of the Macedonian issue: “Internationalism, then, is the only feasible, unifying and peaceful solution. This is because it does not seek the extermination of populations and entire folks. On the contrary, it proposes the solidarity among the proletarians and oppressed against those who exploit us and destroy our lives. And let’s not fool ourselves. Content may change, but the form of exploitation is the same on both sides of the border, as in every state. Ιmpoverishment, degradation of our lives, removal of our rights are only some of the aspects of the attack that has been unleashed against us by the state and the capital. And the only real resistance is class-antistate-internationalisτ. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on March 10th.

Side by side with comrades from other Balkan – and not only – countries, we will show that there are people who resist the absurdity of war, hatred and nationalism, people who see real enemies from all sides of the border, that are no other than the state and the capital, along with their reserves, the fascists and the parαstate gangs.

How do we see antifascism

We believe that massive and feisty answers have to be given against the fascist threat. The struggle against fascism is not a confrontation of two “extremes,” as it appears to be presented by the dominant narrative of the state and its ideological mechanisms to conceal the historical role of fascism as a reserve of the existing system. On the contrary, it is part of the struggle of the oppressed parts of society against their oppressors and the gangs they use to intimidate and suppress the people that resist. This battle can only be done in terms of social direction, in order to thicken the lines of the anti-fascist movement, as well as with combative attidute to crush all fascists on the streets. Against the logic of a sterile denunciation of fascist violence and the logic of confrontation with fascists in hooliganist terms, we suggest the further organization anti-fascists with class, combatitive, and anti-hierarchical characteristics. By providing solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the oppressed parts of society, we are building our own structures, which are fighting for a society of equality and freedom. Operating without dominative and exploitative relationships, we are preparing the anti-fascist movement to intensify our struggles in massive terms, building up embankments to fascism and nationalism, and eliminating them from the public domain (workplaces, schools, universities, neighborhoods, parks, stadiums).

The importance of occupations and their defense

The shock of the arson of an occupation, which is, a structure of struggle and resistance, is great. However, the emergence of solidarity at material, moral and political level and the power of the movement to rebuild what has been shattered by the destructive forces of fascism in one day,with all its forces assembled at one point, overcomes every obstacle, highlighting the second stake that exist at the moment. That is, that of showing solidarity to squats and defending the structures of the struggle at a central political level. At the moment where the attacks on occupations and free social spaces of fascist gangs have intensified, the movement must respond by defending them. . Following the events that took place in the days of the two rallies for the Macedonian issue, the latest attacks on the occupation of Lelas Karagiannis (Athens), the followers of the self-organized group of Progressive Toumpa (Thessaloniki), the Free Social Space of Favela (Piraeus) and the squat of Panetolio 21 in Koukaki (Athens) show the attempt to intimidate the people of the struggle from the parastate, which always acts in addition to state repression. Our structures, however, do not simply cover housing needs of people, but they are also spaces of resistance to the existing, fields of creating relations of equality, solidarity and respect among the oppressed people and the vision of a better world. That is why we will defend them by all means, highlighting their importance and role. By putting the issue of defending occupied spaces and Libertatia squat as a center issue out in the streets, we propagate and highlight the squatting projects, their role in the wider movement and society, and make it clear to the state, the capital and the fascists that we will defend our structures, making the occupation a social term.

For the demo 10/3

We call the people of the movement to support the pan-Balkan internationalist demo of solidarity in Libertatia, with the proposals of international solidarity and the defense of squats and the structurs of the struggle. In continuation of the reflective demo for the arson of our occupation on 22/3 and the actions of solidarity all over Greece and other countries, we call comrades from Greece and the Balkans on 10/3 in Thessaloniki to give a mass answer to nationalist frenzy and fascist attacks. No fascist attack is left unanswered. Libertatia will stay!

To defend the structures of the struggle

To rebuild with our own hands what was destroyed

From Sofia until Kamara and Propylaia the internationalist solidarity will swap away the fascist threat in the Balkans

Fight against Fascism, State and Capital

For the Social Revolution, Anarchy and Liberterian Communism

Libertatia, Political collective for libertarian communism